I've been helping people live more comfortably in their skin for over two decades. My yoga classes emphasize moving well. Moving well means that everything you do on your yoga mat should translate into making everyday life better

I'm often told my class is a comfortable, safe place to be, which makes me feel really good. The world could use more comfortable, safe places, don't you think?

Fancy-shmancy poses? Not so much my thing, but if they're your thing I can refer you.

For me, studying anatomy is a spiritual practice. The human body—your body— is wondrous; it's warm, sophisticated, intelligent, and alive. Making your body required every single one of your ancestors. 

If the human body is sacred then studying it is a sacrament. Yoga poses are questions to ask your body. Expect as many questions as answers when you take my class. 

(You can also expect an uplifting message, surgically precise anatomical instruction and inquiry, a little flow here and there—and the occasional profanity.)

I primarily offer programming at home in Connecticut but I travel around a bit too. You'll find both yoga students and yoga instructors enrolled in my programs. 

One of my specialties is working privately with people to address therapeutic concerns. I also work with elite athletes who are rehabilitating injuries or just looking for better performance based results. 

My articles appear in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Fit Yoga, Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Teachasana, and on my own outspoken blog.